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Closed Cell: Highest R-Value on the market. Gives you your air seal, vapor barrier, and added structural integrity... your best option for open cavity insulating in new construction, remodels, crawlspaces, rim joists, and attic spaces.


Open Cell: R-Value of approximately 3.5 per inch. Does not give you a vapor barrier, but is a great product for a sound barrier.

Spray Foam

Whole house air sealing using blower door testing and infrared camera technology. Caulk and some foam products used to lower the air leakage in and out of your home. Air sealing is important when creating a warm and energy efficient building.

Air Sealing

Many attics are poorly sealed, under insulated, and poorly vented. Air sealing an attic can be done two ways! The best option is to remove any insulation and spray a vapor barrier/air seal on entire attic floor with closed cell foam. If this is not an option, a local air seal on all accessible attic penetrations can be done. Venting is also very important in keeping an attic moisture free. We like to achieve an R50 with cellulose or fiberglass in all attic spaces over the foam air seal.


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