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"I wish every contractor was as easy to work with as Nate and his crew. Nate was very professional, very prompt, timely, answered all my questions, made me feel at ease, competitively priced, and easy to work with. I originally got a bid to have only 2 things done and I needed some extra work to be done, they were able to accommodate the additional work with no problem. They were also able to keep all the areas clean and made sure to clean up after they left. I've never had spray foam insulation done before but now I'm a believer in the product" Looks great and it's noticeably less drafty in all the areas they sealed up. "


-Ahmad Helal

Here at Evergreen Foam Insulation, we know and understand the industry and we also know that customer service is not enough. We want customer loyalty and we strive for that loyalty every day.

"Thank you and your workers for such a great job! Your clean-cut appearance means a lot, and makes me feel comfortable letting you in my home. All your hard work... It's rare to see all this newadays as I'm sure you know. I appreciate all that you did for me! Thank you again!"


-Lorrie Haldorson

"I have heard nothing but great things about your work and products. Great job and what a great way to save money when it comes to heating and cooling a house."


-Louann Stanius

"The boys from Evergreen just finished spraying closed cell foam in my garage! It turned out great! These guys are true professionals, and I will recommend them to anyone. Last year I had them out to insulate my home with their injectable foam. That too turned out great! Nice work guys!"


-Nicholas Korhonen

"Thank you guys for coming up to International Falls to spray foam parts of my house!! You did a great job, and you guys were so polite and kind. I will definitely call you guys if I need more work done!!"


-Jen Long

"Jon and Nate, I wanted to send you this email to thank you for your work and show you a picture of our finished third floor. It took up most of last summer to finish it. Lots of angles to cut (but I got a new saw)! We couldn't be happier with it. We have a small heater that warms the room up in no time and then we shut it off when we're not up there. Thanks again for your attention to detail, quality work, and your patience during the first day when we ran into problems with the permits.We continue to refer anyone who asks about spray foam to your company."

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"Thanks for the invoice. I've been meaning to send you an email about the job Evergreen did on my roof. When Nate was done I did tell him how impressed I was with the work he did, but in the days since I'm even more impressed. First I told Nate when he bid on the job that I had six inch rafters. Actually they are eight inches. He never questioned my error when he started the job, and just went to work. I've got my six inches of foam plus. We can already notice the difference in the greenhouse temperatures. That foam is unbelievable. Seems to just get more stiff as it cures, and the whole roof is more solid. I'm so happy I had Evergreen do the foam insulation. It turned out so much better than I could have done. Definitely worth every penny spent."



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